PulseHeberg owns its own network

For several years, PulseHeberg has been designing and developing its own network, ensuring internet connectivity for all our services in every city we are present.

We fully control our network, allowing us to react immediately to any event that could affect us.

We have been operating AS62000 on the internet since 2014.

Global DDoS Protection

Every part of our network is covered by different DDoS protections, and numerous countermeasures are in place to counter any attack.

We place paramount importance on keeping our infrastructures operational. In this view, we have established a robust partnership with Netrix, a brand of SERVERD Group, specialized in datacenter and network solutions.

Layer 1

Local Peering

We understand that the quality of local interconnections is a crucial prerequisite for our clients. That's why we have an open peering policy, and we do our utmost to interconnect locally with numerous operators.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the best network, featuring the lowest possible latency to your key destinations.

Today, our network is interconnected in France and directly with major ISPs including Orange (AS3215), Bouygues Telecom (AS5410), SFR (AS15557), and Free (AS12322)

Specialized Equipment

Our network is designed to be redundant and secure by design. We therefore only use operator-class network equipment, interconnected by proven network protocols (such as BGP).

Each of our POPs has on-site transits as well as long-distance links with other sites to ensure service continuity even in case of disruption to our interconnections.