Which offer should I choose?

Economy Baremetal

An economical server

The Economy Baremetal offer was designed mainly to reduce energy consumption, a major cost factor in a dedicated server.

Thus, our Economy Baremetal range allows you to get a dedicated server entirely for your use, with rates starting at €45 per month.

Storage Baremetal

Significant storage

Designed for large data storage, the Storage Baremetal offer provides large storage volumes, reaching up to 24 TB for the largest model.

This range is ideal for archiving photos, backups, or any other large data, all at a competitive price starting from €70 per month.

Standard Baremetal

A versatile server

The Standard Baremetal offer consists of recent, datacenter-quality servers designed to deliver optimal performance without compromise.

This versatile range is perfectly suited for any project requiring dedicated capacities and a stable environment, with rates starting at €90 per month.

A score of 0 on the benchmark

Enjoy the best performance

We perform benchmark tests on all our offers with Geekbench 4 software to have an objective viewpoint of the performance offered on our dedicated server offers. Thanks to this rating, you can see at a glance the offer that has the most suitable performance for your project.

Why choose a dedicated server?

Retain the complete versatility and self-service of the cloud while allowing you to use the full potential of physical hardware.


Dedicated resources

You are on a dedicated physical machine, allowing you to leverage unlimited access to the physical resources of the processor, RAM, and storage to meet your resource needs.



If your dedicated server offer no longer meets your resource needs, you can order a more powerful server with a few clicks, and it will be delivered in minutes.


Noisy neighbors

There is no sharing of resources among multiple users with a dedicated server as is the case with VPS offers, ensuring you can fully utilize your server.


Rapid provisioning

Our baremetal offer is fully automated, meaning that when you order a dedicated server, it is automatically provisioned and delivered in minutes.

Virtualized environment

Baremetal servers allow you to install operating systems that enable virtualization. You can create multiple VMs on a physical server suited to your needs with the configuration and operating system of your choice.

Game servers

Game servers require significant resources and, in some situations, a high CPU frequency. Our baremetal offer meets these constraints by giving you access to a dedicated machine for your game.

High-traffic web servers

Whether it's an e-commerce site or a popular website, high-traffic web sites need significant resources to function properly and serve a maximum number of users. The baremetal offer is ideal for this use.

CPU-intensive applications

Mathematical calculations, artificial intelligence, these applications require significant CPU resources. Our baremetal offer allows you to benefit from all the resources of a server and is ideal for your CPU-intensive applications.

Backup server

Our Storage Baremetal offer allows for servers with RAID security and large storage space. This is why this offer is ideal for your backups.







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